Except kids mandarin playground(0-3yrs), preschool mandarin class(3-6yrs), primary school mandarin (6-12) for kids.

ALS also provide IGCSE Mandarin, IB mandarin, A-level Mandarin course, AP Chinese for higher education students.

IGCSE_book_mandarin   IGCSE / GCSE Chinese focus on cultivating students' basic understanding and application of the Chinese language, building a foundation for advanced courses in IB and GCE A-levels.
Students who study IGCSE Chinese need to choose from three levels - the first language (CIE IGCSE Chinese as a First language 0509), the second language (CIE IGCSE Chinese as a Second Language 0523, Edexcel IGCSE Chinese) and Mandarin (CIE IGCSE Mandarin 0547) - according to their Chinese level. Students who attend the IGCSE Chinese exam need to comprehend the content, structure and question types of the curriculum, then work on targeting exercises and reflect to enhance their skills.
IB_book_mandarin   IB Mandarin has two language groups in the IB Chinese curriculum: first language group (Language A) and second language group (Language B and Mandarin ab initio).
For Language A, contextual and literary understanding are the main focuses of the course. Students need to demonstrate their understanding of the relationship between literature and society, as well as their ability to appreciate literature.
IB_book_mandarin   Language B the second language group employs topic-based learning. Through exploring various topics, students will enhance their spoken and written Chinese and understand the Chinese culture, thus preparing them to communicate and express themselves fluently in the exam.
In general, first language is more challenging than second language. Students with higher language skills can choose two first languages (e.g. Language A English and Language A Chinese) as bilingual learners. Bilinguals with high predicted scores will have stronger applications when applying for top universities.
AP_book_mandarin   Advanced Placement Chinese (AP Chinese) is a course offered by the College Board as a part of the Advanced Placement Program in the United States.It requires proficiencies throughout the Intermediate range as described in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Proficiency Guidelines.
AL_book_mandarin   A level Chinese study request as follows:
Students will learn how to use Mandarin in a variety of situations. They will be expected to handle texts and other source materials to extract information in order to respond to specific tasks.
Through the studies, students can expect to achieve greater fluency, accuracy and confidence in the language. Students will also learn how to translate materials from English into Mandarin.

Study Tour


To help kids better understand China and Hong Kong, we also provide Study Tour around 2-4 weeks per time.

During the Study Tour, Children will have more opportunity to experience in Chinese and better familiar with Chinese culture, history, scenic spots, current development etc.



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